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About the author

Hi, I am Nigel Tailyour and I have written this website as well as being the author of Fill your Charity with Volunteers.

I am a volunteer with a national charity in the UK who has a large international presence.

I have worked full time in their head office near London as a fundraiser.

I am a Member of the Institute of Fundraising in the UK and a Fellow of Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (also in the UK)

It all started when I gave talks to some large groups from the charity to explain how the small branch of the national charity that I volunteer at, bucked the trend.

We recruited more volunteers when other branches lost theirs.

The talks were very popular and I was invited back time and again. And so I wrote down some hints and tips.

You can find these on this site. then I wrote a book called Fill your Charity with Volunteers- without spending money

Now I give talks to groups like you helping them to find people to help them in their great work.

I still work as a fundraiser in a national charity and I work full-time.

If you would like to talk to me or email me then I can be contacted at nigeltailyour@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy this site and you have great success in finding more people to help the charitable work that you do.