Fundraising idea from US that really works

Great Money-making Idea

Some great fundraising ideas are also the simplest. This is a wonderful income idea that brings in money. They manufacture Store to Front-Door Hangers

Here is how it works

* Advertising space is sold to your local shops

* You use a local newsagent who use paper boys to distribute it for you - or simply pay the paper boys directly. It's really is that simple.

Typical advertisers are restaurants, shops, hairdressers, pet grooming, estate agents and gardening services.

I love the fact that you can sell the advertising as support for your charity.

So you can ask for £300 per thousand hangers ( 30p each) and more. Then your costs are the paper boys who distribute and the hangers which is about £20 - £70 per thousand. The fundraising hangers are bought from Store to Door and you pay them; keeping the profit yourself.