Recruit volunteers with talent cards

Free Talent Card Designs

Talent Cards

The talent card idea is not new and because it has been successfully used for years and years by really switched on groups. You can have confidence that it works.

People like TGI Fridays use this method of recruiting new bar-staff by rewarding the existing staff when they go out and recruit a friend as a member of staff. For this to happen easily they are given them to give out to their friends.

And your volunteers can do the same. · There is a design that you can play with on the website. You can easily down load a design from there.

Here is how they work

· You simply give 5 talent cards to every one of your volunteers in your charity. They use them as "ice breakers"

· It works well because it is difficult to say to someone, "I think you might make a good Volunteer" so your Volunteers can use the card instead.

· Make sure that they hand them out by a certain date because if you don't give a date then they won't bother.

· Always set a timescale by telling your volunteers that you are doing a survey and that you need to collate the answers over the Christmas break (or some other time about 3 months away).

· This means that all of the cards must be given away by the end of October.

When it is explained like this you know that the cards will have gone and not kept in people's wallets and pockets and never used. If you do this then you can expect about 50% of them will be used.

So you should be giving out 500 in the spring if you have about 100 Volunteers in your Charity.