Students are keen to help you

Volunteers in university and college

Student Magazines and Student websites

Student magazines in your university or college are very cheap places to advertise and the readership is of young people who often like to volunteer.

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Local Students.

You can probably find a local journalist to help you with your relationship with the local press (including Magazines, TV and radio.) You should try you local college and university Media Studies Department.

They will have students who are looking for work experience and they want to add something tangible to their CV.

It will look good if they can say that during their student years they acted as Press Officer for your charity.

Address your letter to, Head of Department, Media Studies in your local university or college. Sometimes they are called Communication, Cultural and Media Studies or English and Media Studies or Media and Film.

Use Freshers week at the start of each academic year is brilliant for you. This will be in September of each year and is usually organised by The Students Association or the Students Union.

The young new students will be looking for things to do. Freshers week normally takes place a week after universities resume. Different clubs and societies group up at a stall and display what their club has to offer.

Volunteering with your charity could be one thing that they will sign up for.

Student Magazines and websites

Make sure that the Student magazines have your news. You can easily reach several dozen magazines in one go or just reach your local student magazine by connecting to: Student Magazines

National Union of Students will be a good place to find the details of the nearest college or university SU. They will be able to get you in front of students through their links. National Union of Students

Go to: to find the where you will be able to find the local SU in your local centre of learning.

If you are going to spend a small amount of money on advertising for volunteers then these magazines are GOOD places to try.

Between September and February will yield the best results if you want people to answer your advertisement. Make sure that you also have a listing on the website for the student magazine.

Here is a great site for you to connect with young people who want to volunteer. Links for Change is dedicated to supporting charities through linking volunteers and charitable organisations together.

Student Radio

Several colleges have student radio. This is run by students for students. It is a cheap and easy place to get on air and to tell the students that you need volunteers and to tell them about your charity.

To find your nearest student radio go to the Student Radio Association site and tell them what you do and what you want to achieve.

Student Radio here

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