Charity Lawyer and other Professional Help

To help you find a charity lawyer who will give some of their time. When they do this they use the phrase,”pro bono” which means "for the good"

Here is a great point to start at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford.

You can approach almost any solicitor’s office in your town and ask for volunteering of a lawyer for a project. You stand a much better chance of free help if you have the following information written out and ready to give to the charity lawyer firm for their consideration.

How long do you need (in hours) If you do not know how long it will take then put a maximum time on it such as,

”Up to 4 hours work” or “one hour per week for four weeks “

If it is occasional work then perhaps you would word it

,”Up to 3 hours per annum”

Now put down what they will do.

· “Scrutinising four supplier tenders per annum”

· “Attending one AGM per annum”

· “Sitting on Committee to build new office. 5 meetings in 5 months (weekday evenings)

They may not know what your charity does so write down who you will be helping or what is the cause that you are going to alleviate.

Phrasing is important.

For instance a bad reason to ask them to volunteer their time would be,

” To look out for our suppliers not adhering to the contracts” A better reason would be,

” To help us alleviate suffering by ensuring that our contract conditions are met.” Charity Lawyer

These people too will have a volunteer for you if you put your opportunity on their site: Link to Volresource

The Institutes

There are Institutes for Lawyers and Accountants in England Scotland Wales and Ireland. These are good places to find the person that you need as they have bulletin boards where you can post your need.

If you are not a member then you might ask a member with access to post your vacancy on the intranet notice board for you.

You are looking for websites similar to this:

And here is a site for trainee solicitors and young lawyers who can help ( This is where you can offer your charity as a great place to volunteer before they become qualified.

Need an Accountant? Click here to find out how to find a free accountant for your charity.

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