Business Community help for you to find new volunteers

Your treasurer deals with the business community when they send out cheques to buy items for your charity every week. These organizations and suppliers are your targets for the piggyback.

Simply put, you use the fact that they supply you as a reason for them to send out your volunteer leaflets.

To get this goingyou need to have a letter prepared and 2,000 volunteering leaflets.

You put 200 leaflets in 10 envelopes and send them with the next 10 payments to suppliers or beneficiaries of your charity.

Your local suppliers and supporters will be happy to include your leaflets and you can download these for free now.

Your letter from you to your supplier says:

“We value you as a supplier. To keep us going we need Volunteers.

Please add these leaflets with your Invoices, Payments and Statements to any of your local customers and suppliers.

When you run out, please ask us for more. Many thanks - Your Charity”

This simple and free method is used by many leading charities and is used by companies up and down the land.

It works and you must use it because it is free and remember that suppliers have their suppliers who have their suppliers.

But it seems cheeky and it will upset my supplier.

If you worry about your supplier then you could telephone to ask permission but it is very unlikely that they will object.

If you want to stay on good relations with your supplier, because they are your landlord for instance, then of course it is a good idea to ask for permission first. But will it work with the business community?

Yes it will because the recipient will be a customer of your supplier. Your information will be in an envelope that will not be binned as it contains a Statement or a Payment or an Invoice from your supplier.

It will be read. Remember that if you don’t ask you don’t get and a polite request is always worthwhile. You can download the letters and more from the Download centre now. It saves you typing and will get your started straight away to fill your charity with volunteers.

Business Community help