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....recruitment for your charity

This site is all about charity volunteer recruitment. If you are a charity and need help then this site is for you.

It will give you tips to recruit your volunteer help at almost no cost - using proven, successful techniques.

Other charities use these proven ideas to build their volunteer base. You can too - without spending big money.
Getting money into the charity is tough and this site is full of some really easy and simple things to do that will bring results quickly.

Try using distressed space and the piggy-back as well as the talent cards and the other great FREE ideas here.

Good luck and if you follow my tips you will soon have your charity filled with wonderful volunteer people.

You can even download a fascinating 132 page e-book that is packed with hints, templates, tips and easy "How To"'s to help you fill your charity with volunteers.

We have some great fundraising ideas too that really work well - including "How to raise money from Trusts and Foundations"

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You can order your book now. Either e-book or conventional book
Ten top tips FREE E-book
Ten top tips to fill your charity with volunteers
Here are Ten Free Tips to get you started
Get Ten Free Tips - A handy and FREE download to get results
why do people volunteer
why do people volunteer for charities. Find the answer here at charity volunteer pages with great free hints and tips
Church fundraising ideas
Church fundraising ideas and church fundraisers are very important in churches today. This is how most churches are able toraise funds
How to get cheap advertising for new volunteers
Use distressed space to get cheap advertising for more volunteers
trust fundraising
Trust fundraising from charitable trusts and foundations explained.
Charity Accountant
Charity Accountant will help you prepare your accounts without paying a fortune in fees.
fundraising ideas
Fundraising ideas for non profit and charity to recruit volunteers and faise funds
advertising for volunteers
Advertising for volunteers without spending money. Free advice and tips and help
volunteer website to recruit helpers
Volunteer website. It is easy and cheap to build to get more volunteers
Business Community
Use you local business community
Talent Cards to recruit volunteers
Recruit volunteers using Talent Cards
job hunt
Job hunt by being a charity volunteer to make your job hunt more succesful
Communication Volunteering - Tell your volunteers what is going on
Communication to your volunteering team
ICT help for your charity
ICT help for your charity
Charity Lawyer or Accountant
Charity lawyer and how to get free professional help
Use local radio to recruit volunteers
Easy ways to use local radio to fill your charity with volunteers
retirement jobs
Retirement jobs in charities and other places where fulfillment is gained. Great site for retirement jobs.
University college and young people
Recruiting volunteers from university and colleges
Charity Links we like
Charity links we like and use
More free stuff here in the Members Area
Contact us here for free charity volunteering help
Charity Blog
Finding volunteers for your charity is never easy. This occasional blog will tell you how I am filling the charity that I am involved with, with great new people - full of enthusiasm and energy.
Contribute to Charity Volunteer
Would you like to share your knowledge about charity volunteer? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.
Contribute to Charity Volunteer1
Would you like to share your knowledge about charity volunteer? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.