Ten Free Tips to help you get results

Here are ten free tips and some ideas for your charity, to help you get started. They are explained in detail on this site and in the book "Fill your Charity with Volunteers"

Use it to hone your skills.

· Be a mystery shopper and apply to join your own charity - now apply to 3 others and compare the response you get

· Make sure that there is a telephone follow up to every applicant

· Make sure that the information you send always arrives the next day

· Always use distressed space in local papers

· Give an interesting talk at your local groups

· Post invitations in the street where you are – keep it local

· Reward and thank your volunteers every 4 months

· Use the piggyback to spread the word

· Use talent cards to break the ice

All of these skills in ten free tips are explained in detail in the book

- how to recruit and keep volunteers. The Piggyback for instance is a wonderful way to use your existing suppliers to bring in new applications to be a volunteer in your charity. For example, there are several designs of the Talent Card for you to download.

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