Cheap advertising tips to attract more volunteers to your charity

Here is how you can get cheap advertising for new volunteers into your charity.

Have you heard of “Distressed Space”?

Well it is the space in a newspaper that is not bought by advertisers.When this space is not bought then do you see a blank page? No of course not. Instead you will see advertisements that rely solely on “distressed space”.

You have seen these adverts throughout your life. They include all those stair lift and walk-in bath adverts, “101 Things to do with Vinegar”, “Trouble with your English?”, “Losing your Memory?”, “How to win Prize Draws” and many more.

Click here to take advantage of almost free local advertising where your charity is. Click here to start using distressed space Download a free letter that you can send to editors that will get you great advertising for volunteers in your local newspapers and on their websites.

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