Use local radio to recruit new volunteers

Use this FREE download to help with your interview

Local Radio and TV,

You have so many opportunities with your local stations to help fill your charity with volunteers.

You can use them to recruit new volunteers. It is FREE. Do not be afraid to simply telephone the radio station or walk in the front door and say who you are, which charity you are from and ask to go on air to plead for more volunteers.

They might say no but often they will say yes.The timing of your visit or call is best in the evening after the rush hour. They are very busy during office hours and first thing in the morning but they can use your story late every day.

Write down the questions that you want them to ask you. The presenters want to make you feel at ease. They are not trying to catch you out. You know your charity better than they do so it may be unfair to expect them to very knowledgeable on the issues that you face. Here are the top three questions that you want the presenter to ask you:

“Why do you need more volunteers?”

“How can people contact you?

“How can people get more information?”

Write them down and hand them to the presenter when the interview starts. There are many more tips in the book and the Members Area to make your interview a success.

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