Volunteer website to recruit helpers

It is easy and cheap to build your volunteer website. I use free, pre-prepared templates and you can too. This means that you do not have to employ an expert or spend much money at all.

I spend £150 ($300) each year with a Canadian company called Sitesell and you are looking at the results here.

Look at this charity website-built with Sitesell-in 3 days! We took only 3 days to build this site using Sitesell and you can see the video that we were able to add to our site to bring volunteers in. It is easy and only £150 ($300) to buy. Have a look at more detail here: and also Have a look at this video

I use Sitesell to attract volunteers to the charity that I volunteer for, using the same Sitesell tools that you can use.

Everything that you need and you thought would be expensive is included in the price. This includes registering your website so that everyone can find it and no one else can steal your name, running your website on their computer (called hosting), hundreds of free templates for you to choose your design from, free technical support..........the list goes on.

Here is a video from a charity just like you.

Any volunteer visitor can find the charity where I volunteer whenever they type in "our town volunteering" or any combination of that phrase.

You need to make sure that anyone using the web for information about volunteering in your town will find you.

If your charity does not come up on the first 5 listed pages then you need to get Sitesell now.

Click to find out to build your volunteer website

Here is a great (and cheap) website that brings in a volunteer each week. Total cost is $300 (£150) Just click to see the

Reading Volunteer website

Reading Volunteer website