Why do people volunteer ?

Why do people volunteer? There are three reasons that have been identified by many research organisations.

People want to Connect: This when they have a real empathy with your charity. Maybe your charity after a relative when they were ill or as an animal charity they want to work with animals.

People want to Learn: If you offer training or have something to offer that will help them find a job. This could be nursing or physiology or veterinarian care.

People want to Meet: Often you are a social club of like-minded people. If you were sitting alone and wanted to meet other people why not volunteer at your charity? This reminds you that your social events are very important to keep your volunteers and hopefully reduce those that leave.

People will tell you that they want to "Give something back" but that is never enough to keep them for long. Remember that they probably want to volunteer because of one of the three reasons above.

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