Communication to volunteers about progress

Great communication about volunteering success will bring you fast results.


It is a great idea to tell your existing volunteers what it going on in your charity. This communication will give them the feeling of being involved.

They will understand that other people value their work so much that they too would like to get involved. They can see that “the Committee” or the bosses are actually pursuing new people to lighten the load.

They can see that they are part of a growing charity while sometimes they may feel that they are doing all the work on their own (even though they are not)

You can download your own thermometer by clicking the link below so you do not even have to make your own.

Gate Chart

Here is a chart that works well when you have to have people on duty to man the office be in a particular place.It allows the volunteers to see when there are plenty of people around and when you need more help. Communication to your volunteering team

Make them VERY BIG and put them on a wall where everyone can see them.

There are some easy ways to make posters for your office made out of several sheets.

A very good way is to use a free program called Page Plus. You can download this completely free at:

It is made by Serif Software.

Download the program for Desktop Publishing and it will let you make some very large banners really easily.

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