Charity Links we like - to other sites

Maybe you are looking for something that you can find on these charity links to other sites. Here are some that we like - and use. They include some fundraising ideas and also some great ideas on volunteering. We hope you find them useful too.

Parent Teacher ideas and help Help for small charities from Pilotlight Step by Step Fundraising Find a lawyer Free lawyer help Volunteer resources for charities Finding professional help for charities Get on your local student radio Get your article in the local student magazine Help writing articles and newsletters How to get it written- professionally Newsletters to your supporters Charity computing help Clicks for Charities

How to build an inexpensive charity website.This video is a very good explanation of the simple process of building your charity website.

Focus on Disability is a wonderful site for any charity that helps the needs of those with disabilities. It is packed with great information and tips to help you find resources that you and your users need.

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