Using Distressed Space in local newspapers

Here is what you do to take advantage of distressed space without you having to be an expert.

It works in newspapers and magazines all over the world. There is every reason why your charity can use it too. Don't forget to download the FREE LETTERS to save you even having to type them!

· Ask your Treasurer to make out 4 cheques to the local paper or magazine.

· Make these cheques out to the newspaper or magazine and get them signed BUT NOT DATED. That's right. DO NOT DATE THEM

· Put the amount as about 1/3rd of the cost of a ¼ page advertisement so the cheques are for about £35 for a £150 ($300) advertisement as an example.

· Devise your ¼ page ad and get it printed out clearly on hi-gloss paper. It should look like the artwork does in a printers shop.

· Make sure it does not have a place or a date or a time. It should be something that can be run at any time of the year.

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