I want to know about attracting more volunteers for my charity - how does the book help?

You need more volunteers (every charity does) but you do not have much money.

That is a common situation in 99% of charities. This book is full of helpful information and some really successful methods that other charities have used over and over again with massive results.

This book is the short-cut to making your charity thrive and will put you on the path to success by giving you hundreds of ways to bring in the help that you need. This book and the others in the series will save you time and money. When you buy the book we send you the pdf file e-book FREE OF CHARGE. with lots inside information that is not published anywhere else.

Simply order the book and we email you the e-book. In there you will have links to:

Letters that you can send out to bring the volunteers in.

Press Releases to get local coverage about your charity.

Talent Cards to really get your recruitment drive going.

Posters for your charity.

How to cheaply build your own website - without expert knowledge

Ideas for events to spread the word.

Links to other websites that will help you.

Instructions on how to get a free accountant,lawyer,journalist and even free computers - all completely free.

Simply order the book and fill your charity with volunteers.

Build your own website to attract young volunteers. Over 72% of volunteers under 30 years use the internet to choose a charity. If you are not online you are not meeting them.

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